Two Week Workshop in Bali
Join me for an exciting 2 week crystalline workshop in Bali, July 7-20th, 2019, at GAYA, Bali’s beautiful ceramic center just outside Ubud. There will be lots to learn, with firings throughout the workshop: both a high fired reduction and a high fired oxidation firing; a post firing reduction firing; and a low fire strike firing. We’ll try a variety of techniques: acid etching; using encapsulated stains; trying both macro and micro crystalline glazes; and glazing by dipping, brushing and spraying.
    This longer format will give us time to review each other’s results, with lots of exciting kiln openings and lots to learn along the way. While the workshop will focus on firing and glazing techniques, I will be demonstrating, and participants will have time to practice, hand building and throwing altered forms. The workshop will culminate with an exhibition of our new pieces, with time all along the way to share discoveries and new effects.
    Discover Bali! There will be some time to get out and about, or plan a few days before or after the workshop to explore this beautiful island culture. Contact me, Ginny Conrow, ( or GAYA ( for more information.

Two Day Workshop in Dunedin, Florida
This will be a basic everything I know and can pass on in two days workshop. Firing, glazing, demonstrating throwing, altering forms, and hand building (while the kiln fires). At the Dunedin Art Center, near Tampa, Florida. For more information, contact:

Workshop Proposals
Crystalline-Glazing Participatory Workshop:
This workshop necessitates your having an electric kiln which fires to cone 10. In order to finish firing the pots, the first day is devoted to making glazes, making pedestals for each bisqued pot, glazing, and loading the kiln. (Your group can prepare the glazes and pedestals ahead of time to allow more glaze time at the workshop) On the second day we will fire the kiln and discuss crystalline glazes, firing schedules, processes and problems, and I will demonstrate a bit of throwing and trimming.
    The workshop includes demonstrations of crystalline glazing by brushing, dipping and spraying; glaze formulation, glaze schedules and glaze firing; preparing the pieces for firing by making pedestals and saucers to catch glaze drips; and post-firing techniques for grinding and finishing the bottoms. The workshop includes a brief demonstration of throwing and handbuilding techniques, concentrating on a discussion of forms as they relate to crystalline glazes. ***The workshop must include a follow-up session (about 3 hours) for unloading, finishing the pieces (by separating the catcher and grinding) and critiquing the fired work. The follow up is usually two days later to allow time to cool the kiln, especially as it is not always loaded and ready to go the first day!
Airbrushing on Two- and Three-dimensional Surfaces. This workshop is appropriate for all media, although I do include specifics about spraying with stains and glazes. The workshop can be hands-on by participants and teaches about kinds of airbrushes and compressors as well as how to use an airbrush and airgun with stains and glazes on porcelain, stoneware and tiles as an accent or total design. This workshop can also combine airbrush work with Sumi brush painting. This is an excellent one-day workshop and includes information about Cone 5-6 electric-fired, Cone 10 gas-fired, and high-fired electric (Cone 9-11) crystalline glazes.
Throwing and Altering Porcelain Forms:
This is best taught as a two day workshop but can be tightened into one day. I have also taught this as a three-day and five-day residency workshop, these including participation by attendees. This workshop concerns itself with the particular qualities and demands of porcelain but is instructive for potters using any kind of clay --how to throw thin porcelain forms; how to throw large forms in two, three, or four stages, and how to alter and form the wet clay. Also how to trim, cut, and finish the drying clay.

The last two workshops are often combined into one two-day mostly demonstration workshop -- it's a lot to cover and a fast-moving, interesting workshop. (I can send a detailed schedule if you choose this option) This basic two-day workshop is a good all-round course, including both crystalline information and a fountain-throwing demonstration and does include some hands-on time with the airgun/airbrush.